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EGA-R: Computer Acceptable Use

The School District Network is an extension of the school district regulations and policies. All rules and regulations that apply to student conduct in school and on field trips also apply when accessing Internet resources.

The use of the Internet while at school is intended for educationally related purpose only. Students may not utilize the Internet for non-educational uses.
  1. Students may not give out personal information about themselves such as address or phone number.
  2. No user may post personal information about another person or person(s).
  3. Students may never meet anyone in person that they met on the Internet without prior permission from their parent or guardian.
  4. No user may send or display offensive messages or materials, use obscene, impolite, or threatening language, harass or insult others, or make discriminatory or derogatory remarks.
  5. No user may violate state or federal laws, including, but not limited to
  6. copyright laws.
  7. Students may not trespass in other peoples' folders, work, or files, nor may they use or post another person's work without their permission.
  8. If a student is assigned a password he/she may not share the password with anyone else nor may he/she use another person's password.
  9. Students may not download, copy, or store any software, shareware, or freeware
  10. without prior permission from a teacher or administrator.
  11. Students may not join list serves, discussion rooms, bulletin board areas, chat rooms, or any other groups or organizations on the Internet without prior permission from a teacher or administrator. If any of the above is ever accessed it will be supervised, for an educational purpose only.
  12. Students may not send or receive email without prior permission from a teacher or administrator. Email sent and received must be for educational purposes only and meet all requirements outlined in this policy. All email sent and received may be monitored by the District and should not be considered private.
  13. Students may not post any material on a personal Web Page while at school or on a school related Web Page at any time without permission from a teacher or administrator.
  14. No user may intentionally access web sites or any other areas of the Internet that contain material that is inappropriate, as outlined in this Policy and as determined by a teacher or administrator. If a student accidentally accesses this type of information he/she should immediately notify a teacher or supervising adult. A staff member should notify the school principal.
  15. All users must understand that material they create and/or store on the system is not guaranteed to be private. This includes e-mails, materials placed on personal Web Pages, and any/all other work.
  16. Students must respect resource limits by remaining within allotted disk space, and deleting old emails and/or other files.
  17. No user may use the network to disrupt use by others, destroy, abuse, or attempt to modify hardware, software, or computer/network settings.
  18. Students will follow any other regulations of which teachers or administrators inform them.
  19. Anyone in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.
  20. Any user who intentionally violates the district's policy and who intentionally damages the computer system or network shall assume legal and financial liability for such damage as stated in New Hampshire RSA 194:3d II.