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       New Hampshire House Bill 1612 centers around student data privacy and requires both the New Hampshire Department of Education (DoE) and local school districts to take actions aimed at protecting staff and student data. More specifically, the bill requires all public and non-public school districts in New Hampshire to create a data governance and security plan and have that plan adopted by their local school board prior to June 30, 2018. The data governance and security plan consist of five parts: 
  • “A district inventory of all applications and digital tools including assurances;
  • A review of all applications and digital tools;
  • Development or revision of policies and procedures for access to data and protection of privacy for staff and students;
  • A response plan for any data breach;
  • A requirement for service providers to at a minimum meet the state’s standards for data and privacy protection” (“NHSBA: 2018 Legislative Summary”, 2018). 
Please explore the links below to learn more about New Hampshire House Bill 1612 and how the State of New Hampshire and the NH Department of Education aim to protect student data. 

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